Meldrum Horne featured in the Ottawa Business Journal - 05.09.2016

Invest in the present, plan for the future 


Co-founders Jamie Meldrum, left, and Michael Horne.


The pension and benefits strategy that gives your business the upper hand

Can your business survive the unexpected loss of a founder/owner? Are you providing your team with a robust pension and benefit plan that will help you to attract and retain top talent?

These are not questions just for big companies. Even small businesses have to plan for their future and invest in their present operations if they want to enjoy long-term success. 

Jamie Meldrum, Michael Horne and their team at Meldrum Horne & Associates know from first-hand experience the importance of planning for the unexpected. 

Some years ago, co-founder Jamie Meldrum’s father, a partner in the business, passed away. This forced a sudden transition in ownership. Thanks to their own planning, Meldrum Horne & Associates was actually able to grow through the transition.

“We have lived through the challenges our clients face and know what can happen if a business doesn’t have a contingency plan,” Meldrum said. “We understand what it takes to ensure a business can continue to grow during and after a transition.” 

Meldrum Horne works with small- to medium-sized enterprises to ensure they have a sound succession strategy in place. This involves developing and managing employee benefit and pension/retirement programs, executive compensation programs, and individual retirement and estate planning


In an industry largely split between large financial services companies and one man shops, Meldrum Horne is that rare mid-sized service provider. Its team offers a combination of personal service and access to a broad portfolio of products and services, tailored to fit the needs of a small or growing business.

“When we are negotiating for you, we are personally invested,” said Horne. “We approach discussions about rates as if it’s our money.”

Meldrum and Horne have each been in the business for 16 years. They were mentored by two of the leading names in the local market. Today, they continue to design and scale their services based on feedback from their clients and the best of what the industry has to offer.

“We feel we have the best service model,” said Horne. “Our people work as an extension of a client’s HR department. We’re changing the game by putting ourselves in a position where were can add true value to a client’s pension and benefits administration.” 


These OBJ Forty under 40 alumni are also blazing a new trail in an industry where the average age of a financial advisor is almost 60. They are active with ADVOCIS and other industry and local business organizations where they can help nurture the next generation of financial professionals.

“Our people work as an extension of a client’s HR department. We’re changing the game by putting ourselves in a position where were can add true value to a client’s pension and benefits administration.” Michael Horne, Co-founder, Meldrum Horne & Associates

With baby boomers retiring in droves and regulatory changes coming down the pipe, like the expected implementation of the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan for 2018, Meldrum and Horne are always keeping an eye on what’s next on behalf of their clients.

“There is so much information available,” said Meldrum. “The value we provide is the advice and counsel on how best to interpret all that information and use it to your advantage. We’re here for the long haul. Our joke with our clients is you’re stuck with us for a long time.”


To learn more about how Meldrum Horne & Associates can help your business plan for the future and thrive in the present, please visit or call 613-233-9105.

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