Succession Strategies

Careful and deliberate succession planning is a vital component of any sustainable business. Statistics regarding the survival of businesses transferred from one generation to the next or to new owners without succession planning are not encouraging.

Meldrum Horne & Associates can provide you and your other legal and accounting advisors with expertise and guidance on how to ensure the successful continuation of your business.

Areas of concern include the following:

  • Share Redemption Funding
  • Intergenerational Wealth Transfer
  • Strategic Employee Capital Funding
  • Retirement Compensation Agreements
  • Maintaining family business harmony
  • Stabilizing business value

Our experts can identify issues that stand in the way of effective succession planning and coordinate solutions tailored specifically to meet your needs.

As individuals and families acquire assets and wealth over a lifetime, they inevitably have to plan for the disbursement of that wealth once they are no longer alive. There are many parts to the challenge of preserving an estate but the first piece that needs to be put in place is a properly drafted legal last will and testament. Without that the government will in effect determine for you how the assets will be disbursed.

We work with our clients to ensure that all the pieces to the estate preservation puzzle are in place.

While estate preservation is an important objective for those who have worked a lifetime to build their wealth, the “how to distribute” question is often the most challenging since there may not be an equal amount of liquid and non liquid assets for distribution purposes.

We help our clients identify those issues, develop solutions and establish strategies that will achieve the goals of estate preservation and equalization.