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  • Workplace Pension Considerations
    Employer and employee Contributions Considerations Read More
  • Default Account Explained
    A letter to be distributed to members of your Group Retirement Plan. Read More
  • CRA Reverses Position on Bonus Allocation to Healthcare Spending
    For the last few years the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has allowed an employee to allocate credits to their Healthcare Spending Account (HCSA) in place of a bonus that the employee anticipated receiving during the HCSA plan year. The allocation did not result in a taxable benefit to the employee. Read More
  • Taking CPP early: The new Breakeven points
    Although the normal age of benefit for CPP is 65, you can take CPP as early as age 60 but if you take it early, you will receive a reduced amount. Below is a link written by Jim Yih in Government Benefits. Read More
  • How A Stop Loss Can Protect Your Small Business
    Understanding the funding mechanism designed to protect you. Read More
  • 2012 Rates for Money Purchase limits, RRSP, YMPE, DPSP limits
    Outlined in the following tables are 2012 data on Rates for Money Purchase limits, RRSP limits, YMPE, DPSP limits and Defined Benefits limits used to calculate PA, PSPA and PAR Read More
  • Early withdrawal from your RRSP?
    Over the years it has become very common for people to withdraw funds from their RRSP for purposes other than retirement. Is it a wise financial move? In most cases the answer is no. Read More
  • Generic Substitution
    A "generic substitute" or a brand name prescription is an alternate drug with the same active ingredients that treats you in the same way, but it costs less. Read More
  • Employment Termination and Group Insurance Coverage
    When an employee's employment with your organization terminates, it is important to apply the correct group insurance termination date. For an employee actively at work (i.e. not on a leave of absence or lay off) termination usually occurs on the last day worked. Under a standard contract, group insurance coverage ends on the same day that the employee-employer relationship ends. Read More
  • Capital Accumulation Plan Guidelines - (CAP Guidelines)
    Part of MHA's standard management service is to help employers remain compliant with CAP Guidelines. Should you have questions concerning your organization's compliance with the guidelines explained in this article, please contact us. Read More
  • Drug Stop Loss Pooling Protecting renewal rates
    Protection from catastrophic drug claims explained Read More
  • Understanding Out of Country Coverage
    Out-of-country coverage is designed to provide benefits during a medical emergency while employees or their dependants are temporarily outside Canada for business, education or vacation. Read More
  • Consumer Tips for Controlling Drug Costs
    Consumer tips for controlling Drug Costs Read More
  • Featured in the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce publication
    Jamie Meldrum B.A., CFP, CEBS has been featured in the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce publication... Read More
  • Understanding Cost Plus
    What is Cost Plus Reimbursement? Read More
  • Jamie Meldrum has been designated a CEBS
    Jamie's accomplishments earned him a Ottawa Business Journal Forty Under Award. Read More
  • Ottawa Business Journal Announces Forty under 40 Awards
    An entrepreneur given less than a 10-per-cent chance to survive cancer, the founder of a chain of biofuel... Read More