Maximizing Business Value

One of the difficult challenges facing most successful small business owners is how to determine and convert the market value of the business into actual cash. While the answer is clearly to sell the business to someone, in reality there may be few buyers prepared to pay the price dictated by the balance sheet. Every business owner believes or hopes that when the time comes someone will come along and be ready to write the cheque.

What happens if that doesn’t happen? What happens if the business owner suddenly dies in a car accident? Will the bank tighten the financing or cancel it? Will the value of the business stay the same? Will the business be able to continue?  The answer to the last two questions is maybe.

Our clients don’t want the value of their life’s effort to depend on a maybe answer.

We show our clients how they can turn a “maybe” into a definite “yes.” 

We do this by working with our clients and their other professional advisors to determine the value of their business, develop solutions and implement strategies that will produce the desired outcome- a yes answer.