Estate Equalization

It is not uncommon for successful business owners to invite family members to join the firm and eventually “buy out” the parent. When all family members are part of the business, the holdings that each member holds as a percentage will obviously represent their value out of the estate of the original parent and often everyone’s share of the estate will be similar or equal. Other situations though can cause issues when distributing an estate:


A business owner starts and grows the business to the point where the eldest son starts to work in the business. The other two sons decline to join the business but instead pursue separate careers. Since the owner’s estate is largely comprised of the value of the business, how will the distribution of the estate be accomplished without selling the business and therefore putting the son/partner out of work? These scenarios are very normal for most small business organizations. The solutions though are frequently unique.

We work with our corporate clients to help them identify these challenges, develop solutions and implement strategies that will ensure the best outcomes.