Shared Interest Concepts

Most corporations own life insurance policies to provide tax free capital in the event of some type of loss. Policies are often owned directly by the corporation with the beneficiary typically being the corporation as well. 

Many of our clients have implemented a more innovative approach through the use of shared interest policies that provide solutions and benefits to more than one interested party.


A corporation has a significant key employee who contributes a large percentage to the profitability of the business. Obviously keeping that employee happy and content for as long as possible is a smart objective for the business to adopt. One way to accomplish this is through the use of a shared interest insurance policy where both the business and the key person have a stake in the outcome of the insurance policy. Both benefit and for the key person it becomes an incentive to remain loyal and profitable.

While that is a very general description of the concept, when we work with our clients we specifically design and implement these strategies to achieve the separate but similar goals that both parties share.