Personal Tax calculator 2015

Investing Early

The Early Investing tool is designed to show you how you can take advantage of the power of compounding to achieve your personal retirement goals.

RRSP Calculator

By identifying your future income needs and the amount you intend to save until retirement, the RRSP Calculator can help you identify the potential shortfall and create a savings plan to help you achieve your financial goal. The RRSP Calculator allows you to personalize your scenario by accounting for a variety of factors such as inflation, rate of return on your investment, and indexing.

Investment & Regular Deposit

This tool is designed to illustrate the effect of a regular deposit as part of a periodic savings program.

RIF/LIF Illustrator

Illustrator provides you with the ability to generate a payment schedule for RRIFs, LIFs, or LRIFs throughout the life of the plan.

RESP Calculator

This tool is designed to help you identify the cost of your child’s post-secondary education and develop a savings plan to cover those costs. The tool allows you to build a plan for up to 4 children and takes into account the varying tuition and living costs from province to province.

Registered Versus Non-Registered Investments

This tool is designed to compare the benefits of an RRSP savings program against a non-registered program. The benefit of tax sheltered growth is often mentioned when discussing RRSPs, but exactly how big a difference can that make? By comparing two identical investments with the only difference being that one is registered and the other is not, you can see the difference a RRSP truly makes when it comes time to retire.

Net Worth Statement

The Net Worth Calculator is divided into a number of sections designed to help you identify your specific assets and liabilities.

Special Savings Estimator

Special savings estimator determines the amount of savings required to purchase higher value items, such as a car, a boat, or a house.