Life Insurance

Life insurance protection can make a big difference in your life and the lives of those who are dependent on you. A financial strategy that incorporates life insurance can ensure that money will be available to support your family and eliminate estate liabilities that may arise.

As we move through the various stages of our financial lives from just setting out to settling down in retirement and every stage in between, everyone has to face the potential of financial risk. What is financial risk? It shows up in many different ways:

  • The risk of outliving your income producing assets i.e. running out of money
  • The risk of dying prematurely and ending income to those who depend on you
  • The risk of being unable to work due to disability
  • The risk of  becoming ill in retirement 
  • The risk of having to deal with a major illness at any stage of your life

We work with our clients to determine what their financial risks look like and then create strategies that will eliminate or substantially reduce those risks. Many of those strategies use various insurance products to accomplish those goals. 

You may recall an old children’s fable written by Aesop. In the story of the goose that lays the golden eggs, the owner would get a golden egg on a daily basis; all he had to do was look after the goose. 

In that story you can relate the position of the goose to your ability to earn income in order to live. If you had such a goose would you insure it to guarantee that income would continue on a regular basis? How much? How long?

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